1. General Hours of Opertion

Standard Operating Hours: These hours are subject to change. THESE ARE THE CURRENT COVID HOURS

Sunday: 11am- 11pm

Monday: 3pm – 11pm

Tuesday: 3pm – 11pm

Wednesday: 3pm – 11pm

Thursday: 3pm – 11pm

Friday: 3pm – 11pm

Saturday: 11am- 11pm

2. Kitchen Hours

Kitchen Hours: Kitchen runs from open till 11pm every night.

3. Leagues

All Leagues are ran through the Dallas Sport and Social Group. https://www.dallassocialclub.com/sand-volleyball/

4. League Times

All league info can be found here: https://www.dallassocialclub.com/sand-volleyball/

5. Reservations

All Reservations made under the “Party Inquiries” section

6. Age Requirements

Sandbar is a bar and grill. As such, we require underage people (those under 21) to be accompanied by their parent or guardian.There are events, juniors practice, tournaments and such where there are exceptions to the rule. We ask if you come to Sandbar with your kids, please, watch your kids. Leaving your kids to run around the facility while you play is irresponsible because you are basically asking staff and/or patrons to babysit your kids. You will be warned once then asked to leave. Our staff is not paid to babysit and watch after the well being of your kids.

7. Pets

We love dogs. We may love dogs more than you do. However, we do not have an exterior access to our outdoor sand courts. Animals cant come through the bar. City health code does not allow us to have dogs on premises. Please leave your pets at home.

8. Outside Food, Drinks or Containers

TABC does not allow outside alcohol into a bar. We will not take a sip of your water to check if its water. Dont bring it. We have been fined. We do our best to offer you everything we can.